[Evolution] Idea: Pens for highlighting emails


Here's an idea that you might want to consider implementing in
Evolution. I will find it very useful and others might too. I don't know
of any email client that has this feature yet.

The feature: Provide a highligher pen (or pens) on the toolbar. Clicking
on it will turn the cursor into a highlighter. Selecting a piece of text
in an email would then highlight the background behind the text in
light-blue, light-red or light-yellow. This would be saved without
changing the actual text of the email that was received. It should be
possible to change the view to toggle between displaying and hiding
these highlights.

The reason: I am subscribed to many mailing lists and there is a lot of
junk but also some good stuff. I can already mark the entire message as
important, but if it is long, then it would be nice to mark passages or
sentences that I would later like to look at again.

Please let me know if you would consider implementing it.



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