Re: [Evolution] Keyboard Shortcuts in planed for 1.2

mån 2002-09-16 klockan 19.24 skrev Jeffrey Stedfast:
On Mon, 2002-09-16 at 11:00, Mårten Woxberg wrote:

I can live with , and . but backtick? why not use the arrows?
<- for Back and -> for Forward? and § for the Message pane.. who has
mails that begin with § ???

who in the states can even type that character? assuming they even knew
what character it was :-)

Oh sorry.. I just pressed the key at the X -> X123
that's the key next to the 1! key.. it's the ~ key on US keyboards
The KeyCode is 0x31 49 061
So if you lock the Key to the KeyCode it should work on any system, it's
just that on a US system it's the ~ key and on other systems it's
another.. but it'll still be the same key.

I suggest you download XKeyCaps, with it you can se the layout of MANY
keyboards and even change the layout of your own.. very good and small

While I'm not saying your wrong to not like the shortcuts (I don't like
them either), using ones that aren't convenience in other countries
isn't ideal either.

This way you can walk up and down and forward and backwards in the

you *can* use the arrow keys.
Yes I know.. .but only UP and DOWN, if I press RIGHT or LEFT nothing
happens, this could be used for NEXT and PREVIOUS.. its even abit
logical :)

It seems alot of these things are just based on the ppl writing the code
uses US hardware thus if it works here it works everywhere..
The Tasks still doesnt print out correctly in 1.1.1 I hope it's fixed in
1.2, BUG ID 28887.

now all you need to fix is the order in which forward/backwards
traverses the list when you have a mail-window open...


Select a discussion tree, mark it unread, make sure other mails are
unread to in the same list. Doubleclick the first mail in the thread you
want to read. Now a window opens, press the key for next message, is it
the one you wanted? often it's not... there's a bugreport on bugzilla
for this, cant remeber the number

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Jeffrey Stedfast
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Mårten Woxberg <marwo264 student liu se>
University of Linköping

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