Re: [Evolution] Keyboard Shortcuts in planed for 1.2

On Mon, 2002-09-16 at 11:00, Mårten Woxberg wrote:

I can live with , and . but backtick? why not use the arrows?
<- for Back and -> for Forward? and § for the Message pane.. who has
mails that begin with § ???

who in the states can even type that character? assuming they even knew
what character it was :-)

While I'm not saying your wrong to not like the shortcuts (I don't like
them either), using ones that aren't convenience in other countries
isn't ideal either.

This way you can walk up and down and forward and backwards in the

you *can* use the arrow keys.

now all you need to fix is the order in which forward/backwards
traverses the list when you have a mail-window open...



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