Re: [Evolution] Groupware System for KDE in progress, will it be useable with evolution?

On Sat, 2002-09-14 at 15:54, Noel Koethe wrote:

maybe some of you noticed that there will be a free Groupware System
for Linux which is order by a german institution and will have the
GPL license:

Will you support this server so it will be useable with
evolution instead of kmail?

You will find infos of the server component here:

from the konzept page:
        The client application stores contacts in the IMAP sub folder
        named “Contacts” (German: “Kontakte”) on the Kolab server. The
        actual entries are represented as multi-part MIME emails with
        included vCard address data as MIME parts.
This won't work with evolution (and besides, i think it's a horrible,
horrible idea, especially when they're building a client that already
supports LDAP.)

Well, when I say it won't work it won't appear as a contact database to
evolution.  It'll appear to be what it is, an IMAP folder with email in
it, with each message containing a vcard.


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