Re: [Evolution] Groupware System for KDE in progress, will it be useable with evolution?

From all reports, it sounds like all they are doing is just integrating
a couple of existing servers which Evolution already works just fine
with.  Their calendar solution is another issue, and doesnt seem like a
very good way to do it anyway.

So long as they dont go extending the protocols, i see no issues

On Sun, 2002-09-15 at 08:24, Noel Koethe wrote:

maybe some of you noticed that there will be a free Groupware System
for Linux which is order by a german institution and will have the
GPL license:

Will you support this server so it will be useable with
evolution instead of kmail?

You will find infos of the server component here:

Thanks for your answers.

      Noèl Köthe

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