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On 13-Sep-2002/13:25 -0400, Jeffrey Stedfast <fejj ximian com> wrote:
I would say that we don't have any primary competition. This is Unix
afterall, and Outlook is Windows.

Technically correct, although I'm sure you're intelligent enough to have
grasped the point. Evo needs to provide the capabilities that Outlook
users are accustomed to if it is to gain market share. Ximian didn't
create the Connector just because they had some spare time.

Also Windows and Unix do things differently. Maybe Windows doesn't have
a way to configure a banner page and so in Windows a program *must*
print the user's name itself.

Unix has that capability, yet a2ps does the same thing as Outlook and

Yes, exactly.  I was almost sure that outlook did that, but didn't want
to mention it just in case I was wrong.  :-)

Banner pages are an idea, but I KNOW I would get yelled at for wasting
paper when all they want is their name at the top of the page.  

Wasting a single page? Man, and I used to work for the Department of
Environmental Protection and people weren't *that* insane.

Regardless, people who use Evo in organizations are probably also using
networked printers. Adding the user's full name, as configured within Evo,
is a good idea. I may have made the same suggestion myself except that I
have not yet had that problem; I'm the only Evo user in my office.

Also, as NotZed said earlier - it's a waste of time to solve it in
Evolution when every other application will also either need to be fixed
or have the print system setup a banner page. Might as well solve the
problem once and forall by just using a banner page if that's what
people want.

Granted, this will not solve the overall problem, but it will add a
familiar feature for those who are accustomed to Outlook.

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