[Evolution] calendar client

Can somone send me some info, links to info, examples, on how to write a
calendar client? 

My problem is that I keep my billable hours in Evolution. This works
well, till the end of the month, when I need to bill those hours. It
takes me a couple of hours each month, and a lot of frutration.

So if I could pull the info from my calendar, and push it into a db, I
could save a lot of time, and frustration. 

When I asked about this before, the suggestion was "write a client", the
problem is I dont know how. I am a hack at best. Ive been involved more
in hw, than sw. I do have some basic skills, so if someone can give me
some examples, or pointers, maybe I can contribute something back to

I find it a very nice interface. It has also been fairly stable for
quite a while. So I like using it.

drh niptron com

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