Re: [Evolution] Evolution -procmail

you have to setup procmail yourself.  you just tell evolution where
procmail is storing the messages, and we recommend you use maildir as
the folder format.  i cant remember if 1.0.3 supports enough maildir to
work with it, its easy to test though, add a new account of type
'maildir' and set the directory.

as per your other mail, the only practical way to keep uptodate is using
redcarpet.  from what ive he4ard, onvce you use it its hard to go nback
to using redhat packages directly (for gnome etc), but red carpet also
has a channel for non-gnome, redhat packages (amonbg others), which are
taken directly from redhat's updates so you can use it to maintain your
whole system.

On Wed, 2002-09-11 at 21:55, Susan wrote:
I have v. 1.0.3 from the RH updates. This one skips right past procmail,
or has so far... might be the RH I am aware of that...yea it might be
something I'm not doing, I will keep on it then.

I am going to try it a few other ways today, that's good to know at

not sure what you're on about here.

we have users who use evolution just fine with procmail, but if you're
using 1.0.x, you need to use a maildir format mail storage or imap for
any practicality.

filtered mailed does wonders...

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