Re: [Evolution] Is there a description of filters.xml

Not sure... but i would say this would be fairly "dangerous" in the
sense that its probably cached and might get overwritten when you exit
evolution... or edit filters. 

On a similar note, i have noticed that if you have filter logging on,
the filter.log file output gets cached... is it possible to turn caching
off for the logfile as it hard to "see what is happening live" with
caching on (have to exit evolution to force it to flush its cache at the

On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 19:14, Cecil Westerhoff wrote:
Op ma 09-09-2002, om 23:54 schreef Cecil Westerhoff:
I want to generate filters.xml with a program. Where can I find a
description of this file?

I tried to edit the file when Evolution was running. This went fine. Is
this dangerous, or can this be done?

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