[Evolution] Using Evolution with fetchmail and procmail?

Hi list,

Given all the attention that Evolution has been getting of late, I'd
like to try it out with consideration to using it as my main mailer
(given that it does *look* rather nice!).

I currently fetch my mail (from various accounts) using fetchmail, and
filter it using procmail.

However, I'm stumped as to how (or if?) I can get Evolution to fit in to
this setup? I have tried searching for information on this, but haven't
come up with anything. I apologise if this is an FAQ.

If it is possible to use Evolution with fetchmail and procmail, could
somebody perhaps explain to me (in simple terms!) how I can do this?

In particular:

What mailbox format should I tell Evolution that it should be looking
for (and therefore the format that I should ask procmail to deliver mail
in), given that Evolution seems to support various different mail

Where should I have procmail deliver mail to?
I tried using Evolution with my existing MH-style folders in ~/Mail, but
it didn't seem able to see anything? Similarly, asking procmail to
deliver mail (in MH-format) to ~/evolution/local/ didn't seem to work

"How" should I have procmail deliver mail to <wherever> in such a method
that Evolution can understand it? The only potential clue that I have
gleaned so far from my web searches seems to be about having Evolution
access folders on a local IMAP server, but this would be an additional
layer of complexity that I would prefer not to have to (and don't know
how to) set up if I can avoid it.

I'm using Evolution 1.0.5 (ie, the version distributed with..) under
Debian 'woody' 3.0r0 if this is relevant.

Thanks for any advice,


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