Re: [Evolution] suggestions and annoyances

On Thu, 2002-09-05 at 16:00, Gene Imes wrote:

This may work for you but not for me. Why do you care what my motives
for wanting something. I don't want to forward email as an attachment I
want it inline and If the email source is displayed and I want to
forward it then why shouldn't I be able to do this? Example: I get some
spam and know who the originating ISP is so I want to send forward an
email to them requesting they remedy the situation and the proof is the
email source. I can cut an paste but if it is already displayed then why
can't that be inlined? Well, it could be if the idea if maximum
flexibility isn't killed all together.

In that example, forward as attachment is exactly what you want. You
don't want the headers to be touched one bit, and forward inline would
insert lines, expose it to wrapping, etc.  Forward as attachment ensures
that what the ISP receives is exactly what you received.

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