Re: Per-Folder Default Identity [WAS Re: [Evolution] suggestions and annoyances]

On Thu, 2002-09-05 at 15:39, Jim Meyer wrote:

Does it become more likable when expressed "Default identity should be a
global setting with possible per-folder overrides"? I, too, filter
mailing lists into folders and would like very much to change the
default user if a particular folder is selected.

I agree : default behavior remains the same for the users, except for
the ones who explicitely override it for specific folders. Sounds very
non-disruptive to me.

I would welcome this feature, but not for the same reason as previous
posters : I have different hats to deal with different customers.
Answering a message in a customer's folder with the correct identity
automatically chosen for the from: field would sure be a timesaver and
help me polish up my online appearance in customer relationships.

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