[Evolution] Unsorted Folder List

Is there any way to have the list of folders unsorted?  I would like to
have the single-level folders listed first, then the folders with
subfolders.  I would also like to determine where in the list any
specific folder would occur:

 For example:

mbx a
mbx b
mbx c
mbx d
   mbx d1
   mbx d2
mbx e
   mbx e1
   mbx e3
mbx f
   mbx f1
   mbx f2

As you can see, I would like to put "Inbox" and "Outbox" first, then
"mbx a", "mbx b", "mbx c" (since they're all one the same level), then
"mbx d" , "mbx e", "mbx f" (since they all have subfolders).

Can this be done with the current software?

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