[Evolution] Apt repository update: Evolution 1.1.2, dvd::rip 0.47_06 for Red Hat 8


Following the surge in demand for my repository, my personal website has
gone over the quota limit. My repository has thus by force of accident
been turned into a real project, hosted at SourceForge.

No website yet at the moment but if you could kindly test the apt
repository, adding this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:

rpm http://messlab.sf.net/files/apt/ redhat/8.0/en/i386 ms
(there might be a secondary mirror up soon as well - stay tuned)

And stop using the salimma.freeshell.org repository, it would be nice :)

For more information about Apt for RPM, head to http://freshrpms.net;
you would need that repository and possibly that at http://gstreamer.net
to fulfill some dependencies.

But not to worry, if dependencies for a package is unmet, apt-get
install packagename would just tell you that :)


Michel Alexandre Salim
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ICQ: 6778898
salimma1 hotmail com
YIM: salimma1

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As Will Rogers would have said, "There is no such things as a free variable."

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