Re: [Evolution] Evo 1.1.2 observations

On Mon, 2002-10-28 at 17:46, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Mon, 2002-10-28 at 06:36, Michel Alexandre Salim wrote:

Rebuilt Evo 1.1.2 for Red Hat 8 yesterday - for those interested, it's
available at - please follow
instructions and add my Apt repository, otherwise you'll get broken
dependencies! Should work fine otherwise on an up-to-date RH8 system.

1. When the option 'Encrypt to self' is enabled, mail is encrypted
*only* to self, not self + recipient (Note: tested with same result on
RH's 1.0.8)

Do you "trust" the other keys? If you don't "trust" the other keys, gpg
won't let you encrypt to those keys. It doesn't spew any errors, it
doesn't abort, it just silently ignores them.

It works now. My fault - I suspected the trust level was the problem, so
I set Evolution to always trust keys, but then only tested it by sending
e-mail to my other e-mail account, which although uses a different key
is still on the same keyring! So it defaults to decrypting using only
the first key, and ignored the second...

The funny thing is, saving the message, cut-and-pasting the encrypted
block and then cat'ing it piped to gpg -u user2 results in gpg asking
for the first user's password again. Ah well, the important thing is,
tried and work with a friend's public key. Sorry for the bother.

Please read the gpg manual :-)

Have read it, guess I miss certain parts :)
signature scripts are supposed to output HTML.

Ah! Got caught there. Interesting then - the HTML output is presumably
parsed back to standard text. Thank goodness for the <pre> tag,
otherwise my Figlet-generated sig would go to waste..

My sig script available if anyone want it - just ask :)

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