Re: [Evolution] How can I set Evolution to reply to maillist?

On Sun, 2002-10-27 at 15:07, Tianran Chen wrote:
How should I set the Evolution, so that when I reply to a message that
come from a maillist, it will automatically reply to the maillist or
just CC to the maillist, instead of just reply to the person who send
this message?

For example when I reply a message from the evolution maillist, I want
it to reply to the evolution maillist, not just to the person who send

How can I do that?

There are (at least) two ways:
*) right-click on the message (in msg window, preview window, or message
index), then select "Reply to List"
*) with the message selected or opened, choose "Reply to List" from the
"Actions" menu.

Myself, I generally hate menus and clicking, so I've just set the
keyboard shortcut to that command to Ctrl-Shift-R (by default, that
belongs to the "Reply to All" function, which I almost never use).

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