Re: [Evolution] pop password verification

On Sat, 2002-10-26 at 09:14, Michael A. Peters wrote:
I use a address, have for a long time.
Every now and then when my mail client attempts to contact
there is a authentication problem.

The result of this is that evolution stops trying to fetch my mail every
30 minutes like I currently have it set to, and instead I have a dialog
box asking for my pop password.

The problem is obviously with the server because the
identical thing happened to me when I used Sylpheed as my e-mail client.

So this is not a bug- but I'm guessing that this problem doesn't only
happen with but happens with some other busy pop servers as

I was wondering if there was an option somewhere to tell Evolution to
ignore these authentication failure problems, and just try again at the
next scheduled check.

I subscribe to a lot of lists, and if I'm gone for a weekend and this
problem happens early on Friday, then when I get back on Monday I have
mailbox full errors and people get bounce messages and such stuff.

So such an option to have evolution just skip a pop when there is an
authentication problem and try again at the next scheduled pop would
*really* be a nice option.

Does anyone have a workaround to this problem?

It kind of depends on what the error you're getting is.

Also- so far I've posted to this list twice.
My post has never been sent to me by the list server, but responses come
in so people on the list obviously get my mail.

Is this typical behavior for this list?

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