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On Sun, 2002-10-27 at 21:24, Bo Lincoln wrote:

Those of you who own a mobile phone with calendar functionality may be
interested in MultiSync, a modular synchronization program. It currently
supports Evolution Calendars (of course) and IrMC clients (like e.g.
SonyEricsson T39 and T68) connected via Bluetooth, IR, or cable. 

Using Bluetooth, it will synchronize as soon as you get within radio
distance from your computer without user interaction.

Have a look at

Connection refused when I went to have a look, but I went to read a bit
about IrMC and it sure looks interesting. In fact anything that can
contribute to end n-way synchronization hell is mightily interesting.
The only problem is of course that only the most recent devices do
support IrMC. Of all Siemens devices, only the very newest model - the
S45i supports it. For users of the other OS, the S45i is shipped with
XTND Connect.

So with my S45 I'm stuck to editing and renaming by hand the heap of
vcard files (one by contact...) that I dump back and forth with scmxx.
By the way (and off-topic), there is now a graphical front end to scmxx
: gscmxx. 

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