Re: [Evolution] Losing mouse clickability

Hmm, no idea really - have you tried a different window manager/focus
settings to see if it might be wm related?

On Sun, 2002-10-27 at 15:49, Bradley Alexander wrote:
Evo 1.08-5 on a Debian/sid box:

When I get an encrypted message, the popup box to type in my passphrase
comes up. At that point, while I still am able to move the mouse, I am
unable to click on anything. To get onto the passphrase popup or any
other window, I have to place the mouse over the box, then change
desktops and change back. This will place mouse focus on the right
window (using Enlightnement with sloppy focus). even after correctly
entering the passphrase, the mouse function does not come back unles I
do a killev and restart. Ideas?

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