[Evolution] Squash Bugs for Fun and Prizes

Hello all.

Just a quick reminder that Evolution 1.2 is coming up Really Soon Now, and we're getting into the home stretch of the finding/fixing race.

Find, report, close duplicates, submit patches, whatever you do, do it!
It's not too late to win one of the following prizes:

  • The "Natural Selection" Award: The person reporting the most verified, unique bugs prior to launch will win a Bose QuietComfort® Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headset.
  • The "Genetic Problem" Award: The person reporting the thorniest, most complex, bug will receive a $100 gift certificate from Amazon.com.
  • The "Duckbilled Platypus" Award: A $100 Amazon.com gift certificate goes to the person reporting the most bizarre bug.
  • The "Monkey's Uncle" Award: The top 10 bug reporters will each win a Ximian t-shirt.

    If you have any questions, let me know!


    Aaron Weber
    Ximian, Inc.

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