Re: [Evolution] Evolution reminders problem on my computer

On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 18:25, A. Gunes Koru wrote:
I have a trouble with the appointment reminders. I will try to give a
full description of what happens and explain it as much as possible. I
have RedHat 8.0, Evolution 1.0.8-10, KDE 3.0.4. Reminders do not show
up. If it is the first start of evolution after I login, it might show a
couple of past reminders (there is no consistency in that either). But
after then it no longer shows reminders. I made several experiments for
example writing something and setting its reminder time 1 minute ago,
which is really close. I wait and nothing happens.

I have also seen some weirdness in the reminders (Evolution 
Like everytime I sync with my Palm, I see all reminders from the last
several days.  Check to see if there is a bug open
against it.

Then I experiment the same thing with Korganizer. I could not receive
any reminder with that either. I suspected if the problem is with KDE
alarm daemon. I clicked the small alarm icon on the very righ hand side
of my toolbar. It allows me to configure Kalarm and Alarm daemon. I
checked both. I set the alarm daemon to start at login, check interval 1
minute. Kalarm setting are: "Run continously in system tray - autostart
at login, disable alarms while not running.". I did them as root and my
user name. Nothing changed neither Evolution nor Korganizer reminders

Changes made to KDE and Korganizer are completely unrelated and will not
impact Evolution functionality in any way.

I tried everything it in Gnome too. No different result.

AFAIK, Evolution does not use any Gnome alarm daemon, it has it's own. 
So setting anything in the Gnome system would most likely have no

Lonnie Borntreger

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