[Evolution] Evolution reminders problem on my computer


I have a trouble with the appointment reminders. I will try to give a
full description of what happens and explain it as much as possible. I
have RedHat 8.0, Evolution 1.0.8-10, KDE 3.0.4. Reminders do not show
up. If it is the first start of evolution after I login, it might show a
couple of past reminders (there is no consistency in that either). But
after then it no longer shows reminders. I made several experiments for
example writing something and setting its reminder time 1 minute ago,
which is really close. I wait and nothing happens.

Then I experiment the same thing with Korganizer. I could not receive
any reminder with that either. I suspected if the problem is with KDE
alarm daemon. I clicked the small alarm icon on the very righ hand side
of my toolbar. It allows me to configure Kalarm and Alarm daemon. I
checked both. I set the alarm daemon to start at login, check interval 1
minute. Kalarm setting are: "Run continously in system tray - autostart
at login, disable alarms while not running.". I did them as root and my
user name. Nothing changed neither Evolution nor Korganizer reminders

I also set both system zone and evolution time zone to America/Chicago.
But again nothing happened. 

I tried everything it in Gnome too. No different result.

I would appreciate if you could help me. Please also send your answer to
gkoru engr smu edu since I am subscribed to digest mode. I would like to
see your answer more quickly.


A. Gunes Koru                                   Home: 214 691 5633
Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student               Work: 214 768 2005
Southern Methodist University                   Cell: 214 893 7311
Computer Science & Engineering Dep.             http://www.seas.smu.edu/~gkoru
6425 North Ownby Drive                          Email: gkoru engr smu edu
Science and Information Building Room 317
Dallas, TX 75205

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