[Evolution] Very strange behaviour: sent mail out of Inbox


a co-worker at the company where I work phoned me and told me that
all the mails in her mailbox had gone. I looked what happened and
found some very strange behaviour of evolution: When she arrived
she started evolution and clicked on the "Send/Receive" button as
always, but it seems that this time evolution did not check the
Outbox folder for outgoing mail but the Inbox folder! As a result
it sent every mail that was in the Inbox to the mailserver and
purged the mails.

This is what happened but I have no idea why. When I restored
her evolution-folder from the nightly backup I could not reproduce
the error.

I just wonder if anybody here saw some similar behaviour once or if
something like that is possible to happen in evolution. Or is this
error more likely due to some problem in the underlying filesystem

The version of evolution is 1.0.8 installed on a debian-potato
machine (Ximian).

 Tobias Gresch

 teletoby gmx net / tobias gresch unine ch / +41 (0)79 33 22 557
 PGP Key: 104950E1 - get it from a keyserver (www.keyserver.net)  
 fingerprint: 5E77 857F E5E6 0833 F30D  5B8E 681E 1190 1049 50E1

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