Re: [Evolution] mac os x

It seems to be included in fink unstable?


On Mon, 2002-10-21 at 14:11, Oliver Kurlvink wrote:
hi there :)

in december i'll quit using freebsd and switch to a mac with mac os x
installed. during the "beginnings" of using this new os i want to use
the software which i use currently, i.e. evo, xemacs, abiword, gnumeric
and so on. i know that abiword, xemacs and gnumeric run on os x. do you
have any information if evo runs on os x when you install an x-server,
the darwin-base-archives and use the darwin-ports oder fink? is there a
darwin/osx-package for evo and the dependencies like on freebsd?

ciao :)

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