Re: [Evolution] Character Encoding

The character encoding setting is not supposed to stick, it is only
useful for overriding the charset used to view the particular message
you are looking at (ie, the mailer that created the message was
brain-dead and set the wrong charset).

This has nothing at all to do with image loading at all, so I'm not sure
what the problem is. Are you sure it's just not taking a while to load
the images?


On Mon, 2002-10-21 at 14:25, Gregory Alan Kedrovsky wrote:
How can I get "Character Encoding" (View | Character Encoding) to
stick in Evolution? 

I'm having problems seeing both imbedded and linked graphics in
e-mails I receive. 

I have set my Mail options to download all graphics automatically if
mail is HTML. So, that's not the problem. 

But, if when I open the e-mail and View | Character Encoding to change
to any character encoding set, the graphic pops right up. But, then I
exit Evolution, come back in and nothing sticks. 


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