[Evolution] Evo Text Height & Icon


All my emails appear to be double spaced in the message body (Text
Only), but are fine in the folders and listing of all my messages.  The
problem seems to be in the body (even when I double click a message into
a new window).  How can I get it back to single spaced?  There must be a
font setting outside of Evo in Gnome somewhere.

Using a fresh install of RedHat 8.0 with the stock Evolution (using my
old 1.0.8 evolution folder from 7.3, tar'd it and burned it).

I am including a cropped screen shot (sorry dial-up people).  I have
also circled the RH Evo icon.  

I want the 'running-monkey' back.  Has anyone made a nice set of icons
that react when they are moused over w/ the Ximian logo?  I did a little
search on my system for them, but nothing in the directories that came
up with a $>whereis evolution

Chris Ness

Software Engineering III
McMaster University
MES Co-Communications Director --> http://mes.mcmaster.ca

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