Re: [Evolution] Two things that I would like to change

On Mon, 2002-10-14 at 09:17, Tony Lindstrom wrote:
I am using the 1.1.2 Beta 2 version and I am rellay annoyed about two
things that are not changeable.

Why on earth did you remove the "n" (for next unread message) 

To make Evolution more like Micro$oft Outlook.

It is a
pain in the ass to use AltGr-] at least on a swedish/finnish-keyboard.
How can I change it to function as in the 1.0.8? 

Rather than just putting up with inconvenient settings, as others have
suggested, you can just fix it yourself.  It's the most simple thing in
the world if you know how to use a text editor.

Log in as root and edit /usr/share/gnome/ui/evolution-mail-message.xml
(well, that's the path in RedHat), and in this section, change this
    <cmd name="MailNextUnread"
     _tip="Display the next unread message"
so that the last line reads 

Also in this section, 
    <cmd name="MailPreviousUnread"
     _tip="Display the previous unread message"
change the last line to to

If, like me, you're annoyed by the change of "Q" to "`" for toggling the
message preview pane, then simply edit 
/usr/share/gnome/ui/evolution-mail-global.xml, and in this section:
    <cmd name="ViewPreview"
     _tip="Show message preview window"
Change the accel from "`" to "q" (or whatever key you actually like).

NB: every time you install a new version or snapshot of Evolution, these
files will get overwritten, and your changes lost.

I keep extra copies  in my evolution download directory, and after
installing the RPMs I always just do a "mv *.xml /usr/share/gnome/ui" to
reset the keys (be careful, you might want to do a diff first to make
sure you're not losing any new features or settings added to those files
by the Evolution crew).

And the second thing that I have been waiting for as long as evolution
have been existing.

I really want to use a 24h date format in my message-list window and I
was under impression, that it was meant to be possible in this new
version, is this not the case? 

Well, I've only been annoyed by that for about 16 months (how long I've
been using Evo).  Yesterday I finally gave up and figured out how to
rebuild my locale time definition file, which is not as easy as changing
the .xml files.  I'd offer you my changed version but unless you live in
the US (or like having date formatted as mm/dd/yy), you probably don't
want it =)

Other than that, evolution have turned out to be an excellent piece of
work, so thanks to you all.

Yet another way in which we agree =)


I have nothing against the American people... 
...but it is time for a regime change

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