[Evolution] Two things that I would like to change

I am using the 1.1.2 Beta 2 version and I am rellay annoyed about two
things that are not changeable.

Why on earth did you remove the "n" (for next unread message) It is a
pain in the ass to use AltGr-] at least on a swedish/finnish-keyboard.
How can I change it to function as in the 1.0.8? 

And the second thing that I have been waiting for as long as evolution
have been existing.

I really want to use a 24h date format in my message-list window and I
was under impression, that it was meant to be possible in this new
version, is this not the case? 

Other than that, evolution have turned out to be an excellent piece of
work, so thanks to you all.

Tony Lindstrom <tonyk tekla com>

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