Re: [Evolution] Mail Client for Exchange 5.5 on linux

On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 21:24, Subramani, GnanaShekar (MED, TCS) wrote:
Hi all,

My organisation has Exchange 5.5 mail servers.  I am using linux 8.0
with ximian evolution 1.0.8.  Ximian evolutions is not as easy as
outlook to configure (I need to secify the details of incoming and
outgoing mailserver),  on top of it I am unable to browse the address

You can browse the address book. You just need to configure it as an
LDAP server. Switch to a Contacts folder and then do Tools ->
Addressbook Sources. The Exchange server is the LDAP server, and I don't
think you need to use authentication. Your sysadmin should be able to
help you with the other settings.

-- Dan

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