Re: [Evolution] palm sync-ing broken again on

I did some digging.  Here is redhat's bugzilla note.

Here are some links to a few files.

Someone @ Redhat has posted a bunch of RPM's for gnome-pilot (two

And here is a home grown RPM for all the "extra" conduits.  Not sure if
this one has the Evo stuff in it or not?  I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS, it came
from the gnome-pilot list.  Contact Diego Santa Cruz
Diego SantaCruz epfl ch for more info


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On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 16:29, Tobias Schleinkofer wrote:
Can I go to RH 8.0 and still sync my palm?  I heard they kinda bailed
the conduits.  There was some talk of it on the gnome-pilot list, but I
never saw a post saying it was resolved.

that would be nice to know indeed. i moved to rh8 and didn't want to use
the 1.0.8 evo provided with the cd's so i just installed the
rpm from rh7.3/red carpet that i have fortunately backed up. but palm
syncing seems to be a bit scewed up again.

in an earlier post from jeremy katz (last wednesday i guess) he
mentioned that they (rh) were already providing "test" packages that
would fix the missing conduits settings. no word about though if/how
they got evo > 1.0.8 working with it.

my rh7.3/evo1.2beta2/gpilot0.1.66/pilot-link0.11.3 system produced the
last succesfull sync three days ago (that was when i last used rh7.3)

btw: as always the pilot-xfer -p <port> -L works just fine ;) gpilotd
just says that there are no pilots available.


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