Re: [Evolution] palm sync-ing broken again on

I can hang gpilotd like a champ in RH 7.3.  =)
I am assuming you have the applet running in a panel, just right click
it and do a "Restart daemon"  -or- 

$>killall gpilotd

_should_ do the trick as mentioned before.  Be sure to choose to restart
the applet in the panel!

A QUESTION For Everybody Else!

Can I go to RH 8.0 and still sync my palm?  I heard they kinda bailed on
the conduits.  There was some talk of it on the gnome-pilot list, but I
never saw a post saying it was resolved.


On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 11:41, Mike Godfrey wrote:
I'm using the evo devo snapshot (plus I subscribe to xim desktop, xim
preview, red carpet, red hat 7.3, open office, and opera channels).

I note that palm syncing suddenly appeared in the devo snapshot last
week and seemed to work fine with my palm vx once again.  However, the
last few days, the evo conduit doesn't seem to answer the call of my
palm when I press the sync button.

Do I need to start a bg process to sync with it?  I tried killev and
then restarting evo just in case there was some incompatible old process
still running the the background

Note that (a) I can sync fine to jpilot and malsync and (b) I was able
to sync just last week, so I'm guessing it's a problem with the evo

Shall I post this as a bug or is there something simple I can try out.

Thanks for any advice.

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