Re: [Evolution] Email notification sounds in beta 2

This is probably the problem then... I'll take a look.


On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 14:16, Janus Christensen wrote:
On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 19:51, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

*shrug* I never bothered to test this but it is supposed to work. Btw,
it is only supposed to beep/play the sound file *once* max per download
operation, not once per message filtered. Assuming that it doesn't beep
at all for you unless a message gets by unfiltered... then there is
probably a bug. Maybe the filter rule to beep isn't getting executed
because it is never getting to it because you've selected
Stop-Processing? If you don't use Stop-Processing then I suspect that
this possibility isn't the problem...

Actually, I *do* use Stop processing, so that might be the cause.

I use it in almost every rule, since I have found that I can stop
filters from interfering with each other and thus I can still be lazy.
That is to say: I can be less careful about how I craft my filters,
since I know once a message is processed through its corresponding
filter, it isn't touched any more.

For the most part I filter messages into corresponding folders, one per
person, group of persons or mailing list. My filtering needs aren't any
more complex than that.

If I might venture a guess (without having any insight into the source
what so ever, mind), might it be because the new mail notification sound
code is run after the filters are processed, and that the notification
code is somehow tied into the filter actions? If that is so, might it
not be a good idea to reverse the this order? Of course, I realise that
there is a feature freeze and that anything might not get done until
after the GNOME2 port.

And I am fine with Evolution only beeping/playin the sound once per mail
download. The alternative would be annoying bordering on the obnoxious,
to say the least.  .-)

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