Re: [Evolution] Questions about beta 2

On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 11:46, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 06:00, Janus Christensen wrote:

* What happened to the collapse/expand thread keyboard shortcuts (left
and right arrow keys)? Please consider reinstating them. They are very
useful, since they allow for one handed navigation with the up and down
arrow keys. Especially since Evolution still doesn't have a
collapse/expand all function: I just had to go through every thread in
my Evolution list folder (and a bunch of other folders), collapsing
every thread (all of which had been expanded after the upgrade) by
clicking on the small "-" icons. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome anyone?

never even knew we ever had this feature...

Yep, it works in 1.0.8.x.  Select the root message of a thread, and hit
left arrow, and the thread will collapse it.  Right arrow will expand


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