[Evolution] Questions about beta 2


I have just upgraded to the beta2 release of Evolution and I like what I
am seeing. The menus seem much more responsive, opening messages in
their own windows seem faster. Overall I get the impression that
Evolution is now a much more responsive and speedy beast.

I am looking forward to playing around with filters and finding what can
be done with expanding its functionality by calling external programs.

I have a couple of gripes, though:

* What happened to the collapse/expand thread keyboard shortcuts (left
and right arrow keys)? Please consider reinstating them. They are very
useful, since they allow for one handed navigation with the up and down
arrow keys. Especially since Evolution still doesn't have a
collapse/expand all function: I just had to go through every thread in
my Evolution list folder (and a bunch of other folders), collapsing
every thread (all of which had been expanded after the upgrade) by
clicking on the small "-" icons. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome anyone?

* The ability to select a signature when writing an email is nice, but I
would still like to be able to select a default signature for each
account/email address, instead of the "Autogenerated" one. Frankly, it
is a pain having to select the signature I want (which is the same one
95% of the time) every time I write an email.

Janus Christensen ______________________________________________________
I want something that'll give me the stamina of a young werewolf, the
vision of a shaman, the thoughts of a serial killer and the gentleness
of a hungry vampire bat.  --  Spider Jerusalem, Transmetropolitan

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