Re: [Evolution] Two things that I would like to change

man, 2002-10-14 kl. 18:17 skrev Tony Lindstrom:

Why on earth did you remove the "n" (for next unread message) It is a
pain in the ass to use AltGr-] at least on a swedish/finnish-keyboard.
How can I change it to function as in the 1.0.8? 

Tull og tøys. Det finnes de som ikke kan og de som ikke vil.

= Rubbish. There are those who can't and those who can't be bothered.




Tony Earnshaw

"There are many people who can't face the truth ... If you rob a
normal person of life's lies, at the same time you'll be robbing
him of his happiness."

From Henrik Ibsen's "Vildanden", "The wild Duck."

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