Re: [Evolution] Open-Pc, Inc.

man, 2002-10-14 kl. 20:33 skrev Bob Haddleton:

FYI, Open-Pc, Inc. just opened for business online. Open-Pc, Inc is a linux
shop providing pre installed desktops, notebooks, and servers. Pre-installed
default OS is Red Hat 8 that also comes with Evolution.

So how ironic is it that a "Linux shop" shipping RH8 with Evolution is
using MS Outlook as an email client and sending mail with ms-tnef

It's almost halloween.




Tony Earnshaw

"There are many people who can't face the truth ... If you rob a
normal person of life's lies, at the same time you'll be robbing
him of his happiness."

From Henrik Ibsen's "Vildanden", "The wild Duck."

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