[Evolution] Invisible headers

I'm running Evo 1.0.8 as shipped in RedHat 8.0. As a result of some
change I made whilst tweaking some GNOME setting or other, the headers
in my messages don't show up: the grey box is entirely blank except for
a couple of small blue dots that are links to the various addresses in
the header. 

Further experimentation showed that increasing or decreasing the font
size via Ctrl-+/- caused the message body to disappear too, so clearly
something I did caused the header font to get changed to something that
doesn't actually exist. However, I've looked high and low for a way to
change the header font, without success, and nothing I do to any font
option in GNOME or Evo seems to have any effect on this problem.

Anyone have any clues to offer?

many thanks,
-Chip Olson | ceo at thsi dot org
"The sacred objects kindle their desire / A hose clamp and a papaya
We sang along with the insect choir / We sang about the letters in her
hair"                                       -Pledge Drive, "Nuptial".

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