Re: [Evolution] Multiple POP account?

fre, 2002-10-11 kl. 14:50 skrev Jeffrey Stedfast:

I am in the process of evaluating a move from Mozilla to Evolution and 
I have difficulties to understand how evolution manages multiple POP 

I have created those accounts OK in the 'Tools->Mail Setting...' and 
set them to enabled but my problem is that I still see only one 'Local 
Folders' entry in the left hand side navigation pane. Say I have 3 POP 
accounts. I'd like to see 3 'Local Folders' each one with its own 
Inbox, Outbox, Trash and mail folders. But I keep seeing only one.

Why do you think your missing something? All mail gets downloaded into
the local Inbox. Same as with damn near every other
groupware-suite/mail-client on the market - presumably even Mozilla.

I *think* that what he means is, that if he has umpty different
mailservers or has umpty different POP or IMAP accounts on the same
server, that Mozilla gives him the chance of making umpty different
inboxes, all with different names.

Personally, I *do* have umpty different mail accounts on,
but what I do, is make filters that say that if mail comes in for tonni
then it goes in that inbox (which I've made myself), if mail comes in
for billy or for evy, then it goes in the other inbox which I've made
for billy, etc. Actually, mail for evy is routed to by my LDAP
and mail servers.

It's just that some people want their Robinson's Groats/porridge put
into their mouths with a teaspoon all their lives, like their ma used to
do it. They're usually called "Windows People."




Tony Earnshaw

"There are many people who can't face the truth ... If you rob a
normal person of life's lies, at the same time you'll be robbing
him of his happiness."

From Henrik Ibsen's "Vildanden", "The wild Duck."

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