Re: [Evolution] palm sync problem. Errors, slow and duplication.

JP wrote:

JP> Please do.  If this doesn't have the issue I'll see if i can
JP> figure out what evolution thinks is different about the records.

I tested this with the latest Palm desktop for my Palm Vx on a Win2K
machine and I could find no signs of duplication. I tried to sync
multiple times also changeing date book and todo items in both
environments (jpilot, Palm desktop) but there were still no
duplication. This supports my old experience using the two that it
works fine.

The next natural thing to test would of course be to do the same using
Evolution and Palm desktop and see if we'll get the duplication
there. However I don't want to risk getting my datebook duplicated
again. It took me some time to clean it and I don't want to do that

Hopfully the situation above is a more common one (Evolution, Palm
desktop) so that you'll get feed back from others if it works or

%% Mats

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