[Evolution] palm sync problem. Errors, slow and duplication.


After updating to RH8.0 I tried to sync again. (I had problems earlier
with that.) So this report is about Evolution 1.0.8.

* Problem 1

By a coincident I started the gpilotd-control-applet in a shell so I
could se the verbose output from the sync process. That was very
valuable. As it happened I got an error reading something like "can't
allocate -2 bytes" (That seems hard to do so no wonder it couldn't
continue ;-) )

Anyway that lead me to delete the address item that was causing the
problem and then the sync worked.

Conclusion: There can be records in the PDA that makes the sync to

* Problem 2

I have a confession. I'm quite fond of using jpilot so I was
experimenting with syncing with both application. Both applications
needs to do a slow sync when I change application to sync with.

This makes you notice that syncing with Evolution is much, much slower
than with jpilot. Maybe because of the debug printouts!? (I have tried
though without running in a shell too and the speed is as poor.) In my
case, since I have a lot of records in the PDA, it takes hours to do
the sync after a switch. This makes the scheme of using the two apps
together rather impractical.

Conclusion: Evolution full sync must be faster!?

But that isn't enough. After jpilot has synced Evolution thinks all
date book records and to do records in the PDA are new so you'll get
another copy of them.

Conclusion: Evolution has problems with identifying what records are
new during a full sync. (Could of course be caused by jpilots sync
doing something bad. I haven't seen the same problems with the desktop
app from Palm before though but I haven't tested this recently with
this setup.)

* Clarification:

If I'm just using Evolution to sync then after the first full sync
there are fast syncs that are swift and records are synced between the
desktop and the pda as you would expect.

%% Mats

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