Re: [Evolution] palm sync problem. Errors, slow and duplication.

JP wrote:

JP> The above error indicates a probable idl mismatch.  The rh 8.0
JP> pilot packager has indicated to me there are some issues with the
JP> redhat gnome-pilot packages.

Aha. Let's hope red hat fixes that then.

JP> Hours?  How many records are we talking here?  

After I have cleaned away the duplicates I now have 3394 records in
the date book database. During my experimenting with the apps I got a
lot of duplication so it could have been a lot more (double!?) when I
got the worst sync times. (As it turns out not all records were
duplicated but a lot were.)

JP> If jpilot touches any of the info in the record then this will
JP> occur as per the palm sync rules.

Well it could be that jpilot does some bad thing causing the records
to change. That would of course explain what I'm seeing.

Further more if that is the case I would also expect the same behavior
when using jpilot and sync with other apps like the Palm desktop
distributed by Palm. Right? I have been using jpilot and the Palm
desktop together for years without these problems but I haven't tested
it lately. (Been using Linux exclusively for quite some time now.) I'll
test this though just to verify this.

%% Mats

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