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tir, 2002-10-08 kl. 11:51 skrev Paul Hands:

In the way you mean, my understanding is that, no it doesn't and won't
do it.  There was a discussion on this topic a few months ago, which
pointed out that the standards require fully qualified email addresses
and that this feature is a departure from those standards.  It was
entered as an enhancement request, but I'm not sure what it's status is.

The workaround is to use the contacts list - then when you type in
partial address, you will get a menu of choices which match, or if only
one match exists, it will just use it.

If anyone else out there has a better memory of that discussion, please
correct any errors I've made.

There's no error in what you write. However, I think one should
distinguish between Evo that's connected directly to the Internet and
uses a "dumb" smtp server (i.e. the ISP's smtp server) and Evo on a
local network that uses a "smart" smtp server that itself knows what the
local domain/domains is/are.

My mail server (Exim 4) is itself "trained" (by me :) to add the local
domain automatically, but first to go to my LDAP server to ask for a
rerouting address for unqualified mail to external domains. It does this
for all unqualified mail addresses. All mail for the unqualified root
user or bin or ftp or apache is rerouted to me, all mail for pete (who's
not a local user) is rerouted to pete anotherdomain com, etc. If it
doesn't know the address, it gives a 550 Unknown user error.

IOW it's actually the task of the mail server (MTA) to do this, not the
client (MUA). So, it's not Evo's job to mix itself up in this sort of
thing, as Mark pointed out. Mark should have his wish, I don't care
either way :->




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