Re: [Evolution] Evo Addressbook + OpenLDAP-2.1.3

man, 2002-10-07 kl. 11:10 skrev Dieter Kluenter:

I'm using OpenLDAP-2.1.3 cyrus-sasl-2.1.6 and MIT KRB5-1.2.5 thus
requiring strong authentication by means of GSSAPI, that is, no simple
bind to the ldap server.

I've gone from 2.1.3 thru 2.1.4 to 2.1.5.

Now i would like to have personal addressbooks stored to the ldap server
instead of locally in addressbook.db. The evolutionperson.schema defines
the objectclass evolutionperson as STRUCTURAL so no further objectclass
that is defined as STRUCTURAL, like person, inetorgperson can be

Not so. From a working ldif:

dn: cn=Evy Breivik,ou=people,ou=groups,dc=billy,dc=demon,dc=nl
sn: Breivik
mail: brei billy demon nl
fileAs: Breivik, Evy
objectClass: top
objectClass: person               <- structural
objectClass: organizationalPerson <-structural
objectClass: inetOrgPerson        <- structural
objectClass: evolutionPerson      <- structural
objectClass: posixAccount 
objectClass: shadowAccount
objectClass: inetLocalMailRecipient


What you can't do, is duplicate attributes in any given objectClass.

Are there any doc's and howto's available that discribe an init.ldif
file to create the initial database for an evolution addressbook?

Don't know what basis Linux you use (or is it Solaris?), but try to
compile GQ for Gnome (compiling lets you add features Red Hat rpms don't
have, such as TLS and drag 'n drop), use it extensively and you'll learn
by trial and error. Specially with a 'tail -f' on the -d 256 slapd log

Is evolution able to do a strong bind to the ldap server by means of

Not at the moment - there's no strong authentication at all possible
with 1.0.8, not even TLS-based binds (that's supposed to be available on
later versions), but wishes have been expressed before.

The trouble is, that you can count the LDAP Evo users who subscribe to
this list on the badly mangled fingers of one hand. So, welcome, Dieter,
and thanks for adding a new voice to the few.




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