Re: [Evolution] Scope of filtering rules ; IMAP + filtering: The network load issue.

On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 10:12, Anders Näslund wrote:
new messages to filter.

In my account editor I've selected "Automatically check for new mail
every 1 minute". I would have though that by doing this evol would knwo
if new mails have arrived (and in fact it does display the number of new
mails available in Inbox in the folder tree). What I was thinking of
would be a suboption like 

".. and filter incoming mails immediatly after the check." Evo does that, every time.

That's very interesting. Which version do you use. (I'm with 1.0.8) And
do you use IMAP also ? (Or POP ?) The knowledge database on the ximian
site explictly states that mails are not filtered until you open the
Inbox folder, so I'm surprised. (But the database entry might be



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