Re: [Evolution] Scope of filtering rules ; IMAP + filtering: The network load issue.

On Wed, 2002-10-02 at 20:51, Francois Taiani wrote:
Hi everybody,

I'm using evol 1.0.8, and here are some few features I would find very
useful to have (sorry if they're already been mentionned):

1) Filter management: In most cases I want the same rules to apply to my
incoming and ougoing mails (so that for instance a reply lands in the
same folder as the email it is a reply to.) There's no way to do it
conveniently in evol (at least in 1.0.8). A possible solution would be a
"scope" option for filtering rules, that could be switched between
"apply to incoming only" / "outgoing only" / "both".

u can file a bug i guess, not sure how practical this is to implement
given the structure of the code though.

2) The knowledge database says that with IMAP: "New messages don't get
filtered until you open the INBOX folder." The motivation is that : "It
[...] prevent[s] unnecessary traffic on your network."
Though that certainly apply at home, the traffic load is absolutely not
an issue at my office. I would find it very useful to be able to tell
evol it can filter my mail even if I'm not looking at the INBOX (in the
same way Mozilla does it for IMAP).

i dont know what the knowledge base is on, the only reason its done like
that is that until you open the inbox, it doesn't know if you have any
new messages to filter.

if u setup a vfolder that can automatically open all folders (the
default config used to contain this in 1.1.x, but i think it got

I'd be very happy to know if some of these wishes have already been
implemented in some future version of evol. (I admit 1.0.8 is slowly
getting obsolete.)

Thanks in advance


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