Re: [Evolution] How do you import mail folders and address book from Mozilla ?

tis 2002-10-01 klockan 13.37 skrev Stephen CS Howe:
I am using Mozilla build id 2002040813 which comes with redhat 7.3.
I want to move to Evolution, but need to import my mail folders and 
address book.

When I use the auto-import utility in Evolution ( FILE>IMPORT>IMPORT 
DATA AND SETTINGS FROM OLDER PROGRAMS), it doesn't see mozilla so I 
can't import anything !!!.

When I use the manual import utility in Evolution ( FILE>IMPORT>IMPORT 
SINGLE FILE) , it doesn't see any of the mozilla files, which are hidden 
by default as the mozilla folder has a "." infront of the file name.

Se explanation below

I have looked everywhere for an answer how to do this---is it possible I 
am the only person in the world to have ever asked this question ???

Anyway, I have partially answered my own question here as follows:-

To import the mail folders, make a copy of the ".mozilla" folder as a 
new folder named "mozilla"  without the dot infront, then manually 
import one by one all the folders using the above IMPORT SINGLE FILE 
option. (By the way, where is the templates folder in Evolution ?)
To import the address book, I don't know how to do this at all !!
I will do another posting if I manage to work out how to do it.
The latest version of Mozilla has an export address book utility, so I 
am going to try exporting to ldif format, andfreimporting iti in Evolution.

Why not change to the .mozilla directory with the keyboard instead
of the mouse?? just write .mozilla/ in the file promt and the next time
you clicke the browse button  it will go there.. 

It's not Evolutions fault it's Gnome's...

All I can say is that Evolution had better be good, because I will need 
an efficient e-mail response to make up for all the time I am wasting 
during the migration to Evolution.

I think it is..

evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com
Mårten Woxberg <marwo264 student liu se>
University of Linköping

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