Re: [Evolution] Shortcuts

On Fri, 2002-11-29 at 13:49, Dave Barton wrote:

Good point. I fell into the same trap as the developers did and forgot
about non-US keyboards. Anyone know why toggle preview pane was changed
from the 'Q' key ?

All alphabetic shortcuts were removed to support some silly MS Outlook
feature (if you sort messages by From, To or Subject you're supposed to
be able to type the first few letters of a one of those fields and find
those messages immediately, i.e. sorting by "From" and then typing
"Eric" should find my messages.)  I guess some people must use this
instead of just sorting and scrolling until you find "Eric", which seems
simpler to me.

Heh, a lot more people have complained about the change than I EVER seen
ask for this feature.

Anyway, René, you might want to try the "~" key if you have it.  I think
that is supposed to work, too.

Either that or edit /usr/share/gnome/ui/evolution-mail-global.xml (you
must be root) and in the section where it says 
    <cmd name="ViewPreview"
two lines below that you will find a line that says
I think that is what will be in quotes... for me it is "q" because I
changed it back to "q" which as a letter made no particular sense but at
least it worked and was easy to use.  Anyway, change that to whatever
letter you would like to use, I think it must be lower case (q not Q).

I would STRONGLY SUGGEST making a backup copy of that file before
changing it.  You will need to restart Evolution for the change to take

Good luck.  Please feel free to e-mail me if you need help.

I have nothing against the American people... 
...but it is time for a regime change
I have nothing against the American people... 
...but it is time for a regime change

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