Re: [Evolution] How to setup esd to have sound ?

esd should be started when you login your gnome session.  Make sure you
checked "Enable sound server startup" in the Gnome Control Center under

If you're using KDE then there is some magic to do.  Search the list. 


On Wed, 2002-11-27 at 10:52, Nicolas ROBAUX wrote:
Barry (and others !)

I just found the solution...

You need to have the esd daemon running in the background. So I just
typed "esd &" and "esdmon &" in a terminal, and then it worked !
Then, if you type "ps -aux" in the terminal, you will see esd in the
list of the running programs.
I have now to find wich command is the right one to launch the esd
daemon (esd or esdmon ?), and I'll put it in my rc.local file, or in a
startup script...
Good to hear the sound ! :-)

Let us know if it works for you !


Le mer 27/11/2002 à 16:06, evolution-admin ximian com a écrit :

I am having the same problem. In a terminal window, both "play
email.wav" or "esdplay email.wav" work for me, but Evolution sound
notification does _not_.


On Wed, 2002-11-27 at 05:23, Nicolas ROBAUX wrote:
Hi !

I cannot play a wave file, when new mail arrives. The beep works, but
not the sounds.
I know there is something to do with the esd sound daemon.
When I type "play email.wav" or "esdplay email.wav" in a terminal, it
Do you know how to setup the deamon, or Evolution, in order to hear the
wav automagically ?

Thank you very much for your help,


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