Re: [Evolution] Evolution + connector new messages not retrieved

On Wed, 2002-11-27 at 01:14, Christine McLellan wrote:

Brian - By any chance do you have any Exchange server side rules
(previously created with Outlook) set up on that account that moves or
somehow manipulates the messages coming into or going out of the

Speaking only for myself, but I have the same problems, and don't have
any filters, server side or local.  Evo 1.2 + Connector on RH 7.3,
upgraded from 1.0.8 to 1.2 with Red Carpet.  I don't think that the
upgrade matters here, I already tried moving away my ~/evolution
temporarily, but the problem persists :/

On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 15:45, Brian Rectanus wrote: 
  I am using evolution and connector (and all other deps for those two)
rpms.  I wanted to see if any one else has this issue before filing a

+ Evolution 1.2 w/connector against exchange server
+ Select Inbox and mark any new messages as read (remain in Inbox)
+ Send another message to the account (from another mailer, etc)
+ When evolution checks for new messages the next time or if you
  hit S/R, the new message count goes up for Inbox, but the message
  is not displayed in the list.
+ Setting the get new messages to N minutes or turning it
  off seems to have no effect as clicking S/R manually does 
  the same thing.
+ Moving out of Inbox and back then shows the message in the list.

Also I am not getting consistent result on these issues...

+ Occasionally, marking new messages as read will not update the
  new message count until you hit S/R or the next auto get new
  messages from server is reached.

+ Occasionally, a folder will show a new message count, and when
  displaying that folder, the new message count doubles.  Marking
  the new messages as read halves the new message count.  Then
  doing a S/R clears the new message count.

Can anyone duplicate any of these?


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