[Evolution] Evolution file location problem.

I use evolution 1.0.8-10 on rh 8.0 on two computers that have separate
file systems, but I keep some directories in sync by doing an:
/usr/bin/rsync -avuz -e ssh --exclude "*~" --exclude "#*" --exclude

for my ~/evolution directory.  This seems to work fine for mail, but my
calendar doesn't seem to update. I added an appointment on one machine,
then exited evolution. I synced, and then started evolution on the other
machine and the appointment wasn't there.

Are there files stored elsewhere? Are my excludes causing rsync to skip
a key file?  Any ideas?



  Dr. Ryan Leduc
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  McMaster University,                   Office: ITB/162
  Hamilton, Ontario  Canada L8S 4K1     

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